CHN Corporate Office

Valiant Glass CHN, Inc.
329 Herrod Blvd
Dayton, NJ 08810, CHN
Phone: +86 0530 6558538

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Chinese stronghold

Corporate Office

Valiant Group
Yucheng city, Shandong Province, China
TEL: +86 0530 5108890


Business Office

Valiant Group
Jinan city,Shandong Province, China
Jinan (China)
TEL:+86 0531 6558538

Manufacturing Operations

Valiant Group
Caiyuan Street,Taian city, Shandong Province, China
TEL:+86 0527 74576958

Decoration Operations

Valiant Group
Shenyang city,Liaoning Province, China,
TEL:+86 024 5768920

International Sales Offices

Valiant containers Co., Ltd.
Altos de la Pulida Villa Lucre after Colonias Las Lomas #81 Main Street Panama, Rep. of Panama
Tel: 507-6590-7561