Analysis of the Causes of Burst of Beer Bottles

Beer is very popular among consumers, and the annual drinking volume is increasing year by year. Beer packaging is mainly dominated by canning and bottled packaging, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Many special properties of beer bottles have determined that it occupies a dominant position in the field of beer packaging. The use is large and the use environment is complex. In addition, some merchants do not use expired beer bottles in accordance with relevant standards and regulations, resulting in frequent beer bottle explosions and injuries. , Threatening the health of consumers, and beer merchants not only have to bear huge expenses to accompany you because of the beer bottle hurting people, but also have an impact on the beer brand and reputation. So those factors will lead to frequent bursts of beer bottles.

First of all, incorrect opening of beer bottles, because a bottle opener is used to open a beer bottle, but many times when people cannot find a bottle opener, they will use various strange methods such as biting, because these methods will Impact the beer bottle, causing the beer bottle to explode.

Secondly. Thermal expansion and contraction is another factor that causes beer bottles to explode horizontally. We all know that thermal expansion and contraction is a common law in nature. Beer bottles need to be tested by extreme environments in the freezer and outdoor exposure in summer. In this case, the bursting of the beer bottle is notable.

Thirdly, there are strict implementation standards for beer bottles. In order to save costs, beer manufacturers do not use beer bottles in a standardized manner. The use of beer bottles that exceed the specified age is also the reason for frequent explosions of beer bottles.

Corona beer bottle – Stock Editorial Photo © kornienkoalex #118281990