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vodka 680g VIT36 700ml

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  • Brand : Valiant Glass
  • author : admin
  • Model : VIT36
  • Category : Spirits
  • Price Range : $0.2 to $0.5 /Pic, depending on quantity
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  • After-sale Service : Product sampling after arrival.
  • MOQ:From 12000 PIC

Company Profile

Product Application


700ml 680g screw mouth vodka bottle


Model VIT36
Capacity 500ML, 750ML, 1000ML
Color White Flint
Certificate ISO90001, SGS,
Thickness 8MM
Tests impact resistance, corrosion test, alcohol test
Application VODKA,Tequila,WHISKY

Optional Items

Surface treatment Screen Printing
Bottle mouth Cork
Tag customizable
Packing box customizable

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Frequent Asked Questions

1.Why choose Valiant?

Valiant Group-Jingbo Glass was established in 2016. As a subsidiary of Valiant, it has been focusing on the production of Tinted glass bottles. This year, we have increased the production of Tinted glass bottles. The price remains unchanged for our customers to cope with this capacity crisis.

2.Are your glass bottles recyclable?

Every glass bottle produced by our various suppliers is made from natural and sustainable raw materials including: recycled glass, limestone, sodium carbonate and silica sand. Glass can be recycled indefinitely without loss of quality or purity. 

3.What is the minimum quantity to place an order?

The minimum quantity is 6000-8000 pieces, although most items are in stock in large quantities, your annual forecast is important for us to adequately meet your needs.

4.Can you provide bottle caps or post-processing?

Caps and caps sold separately. The cost and cycle of post-processing need to be calculated separately.

5.How to place an order?

Just click " Ask for a quoteand answer a few questions. Your responses are used to design a proposal that meets your needs. One of our experts will contact you shortly thereafter.


Lubrication system
Z axis



Baldoré from Mexico is a multi-alcoholic producer, which owns tequila, vodka, whiskey and other alcoholic beverages.


Each brand has a secret, they are characterized by careful production, fermentation, aging and aroma.
The goal of Valiant Group is to inject soul into each cooperative brand.


production workshop

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