Why are wine bottles green the most?

After we have consumed thousands of bottles of wine, have you ever thought about such a question: why do red wine use green bottles instead of black bottles? Why can white wine be used in transparent bottles?
Since the glass raw material is sandstone, limestone, etc., there are many impurities, and the glass itself is colored, and the primary color is dark green. In the past, there was no way to remove the color due to technical limitations, and this traditional color has been used until now.

As for the continued use of green bottles, it actually has something to do with the quality of the wine. The biggest reason why most wine merchants choose green wine bottles is their functionality.

Wine is like a delicate girl, it cannot stand the sun for a long time, and once exposed to too much light, the pampered wine will lose its original flavor, the green bottle can effectively resist the light, avoid the influence of ultraviolet rays, and prevent deterioration.

Why not just use a black bottle to block the light more effectively? If a bottle of pure black wine is in front of you, how do you observe the water level of the wine? Of course, the dark green wine bottle can resist light entering the bottle to a certain extent, but it does not mean that the wine can be placed directly under the light source, and the wine should be stored away from light as much as possible.

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