Decorate and Recycle Empty Glass Bottles

We use many bottles every year. This generates a lot of garbage. The large amount of waste requires extensive recycling and resource consumption and in some cases the use of landfills. Why not turn these disposable bottles into beautiful creative pieces and make them the focal point of your home?

Discarded glass bottles have a high carbon footprint and pose a threat to the ecosystem. Learning the idea of trash crafting is essential and we need to develop proper recycling practices for the glass bottles we consume. An economical and creative way to enhance our home decor. Read on for creative tips for decorating and reusing discarded bottles.

Well, there’s nothing better than using empty glass bottles for decorating and recycling projects. You can use glass bottles to transform your home decor. Also, repurpose them to accommodate and place tea light candles in your room. You can use multiple bottles as candle holders on side tables. Apart from this, parties and dining tables can also be decorated with these custom-made candle holders.

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