The Best Scented Colored Candle Jars to Buy 2023

Yellow colored Candle Jars,The most popular flavor, super invincible and pleasant smell, the sweet floral fragrance has no rouge smell, and it will not get tired after a long time. It reminds people of the bracelets bought on the street when I was young.
red candle jar,It smells like holding a tomato with leaves in your hands for a moment, the taste is really natural and good, very fresh! ! Very green, with a faint grassy fragrance of leaves.
Pastel Candle Jar:The girlish heart of the old man is overflowing again, it is simply too pink and tender, the quietness in the precipitation, full of girlishness, proper girly taste
Green colored Candle Jars:The green breath of fresh green bean plants is very healing and has a texture.