Why is the usage rate of glass bottles higher than that of p

Plastic bottles have always relied on the labeling process to further improve the outer packaging of the product in terms of bottle appearance. Different from this, glass bottles have various options in post-processing technology, and more is that the product packaging looks perfect! There are various effects, such as glass bottles, glass pickle bottles, glass honey bottles, glass oil bottles, glass mugs, food packaging bottles, seasoning bottles, and olive oil bottles. In this way, glass bottles can often have different packaging effects.

       This method can not only change the color of the glass bottle, but also make it suitable for various packaging requirements. Therefore, in the high-end packaging market, more and more manufacturers use glass bottles to meet individual packaging needs, and then improve them through various post-processing techniques to obtain unique packaging effects, and these are not in plastic bottles. According to relevant statistical data, the current worldwide glass bottle packaging market is developing rapidly.

Colorful Blown Glass Bottles