Reasons why custom-made glass bottles are popular

At present, there is a phenomenon that glass wine bottles occupy most of the market share, far more than ceramic bottles and plastic bottles, which mainly has its own reasons.
1. First of all, the wine bottle glass bottle has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, high grade and transparency, which makes it very popular in wineries.

2. Secondly, people's long-term usage habits and trust in wine bottle and glass bottle packaging.

3. Again, the glass bottle packaging of the wine bottle is easy to store, has high safety, will not harm the liquor, and has a long storage time.

So, why is wine bottle glass bottle packaging so popular?
1. First of all, the beautiful style of the custom-made glass wine bottle, whether it conforms to its own brand positioning, the design of the wine bottle glass bottle is very important.

2. It is the workmanship and accuracy of wine bottle glass bottle packaging.

3. Whether the delivery time of wine bottles and glass bottles is timely.

Packaging Outlook 2018: Glass Packaging Overview | 2018-03-01 | Packaging Strategies